Nurse Jazzy lives with a passion for helping others achieve physical, holistic and emotional wellness. Nurse Jazzy graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and six years later went on to complete a Master’s in Public Health, specializing in Community Health Education. She has worked as an RN in the Emergency Room, Community Health specializing in senior health, diabetes education and chronic conditions management, and public health providing health education programs in the urban side of San Francisco. Currently a Sr. Consultant in Quality, Risk and Patient Safety, collaborating nurse champions with improving patient safety in the hospitals. Like the ancient Greek philosopher, Artistole, Nurse Jazzy believes that finding eudaimonia is the key to true health.  Her eudaimonia consists of practicing yoga regularly, mastering a healthier way of living with food recipes, and of course, discussing all things healthcare related with Nurse Jazzy!