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Food for thought: 2017 Grocery Shopper Latest Trends Set to Define grocery retail


Online grocery, last-mile shipping, social media marketing, product transparency and differentiated shopping experiences will highlight the year ahead,  as grocery retail is undergoing dramatic shifts driven by technology advancements in competitive retail markets Are these supermarket trends helping or hindering us?

The “convenience” of online shopping and grocery delivery means different things to different people. For some in crowded urban areas, getting to and from the grocery store may be a transportation issue. For busy working parents, grocery shopping may be a time issue. Others may just dislike grocery shopping and do anything to avoid the store. Online is poised to become a bigger part of the overall grocery shopping equation going forward.

Grocery retailers should find ways to deepen emotional connections with shoppers. Experiences to engage consumers and encourage them to shop longer, spend more and stay loyal are needed. For example, could grocery shopping be positioned as an extension of a health and wellness lifestyle, with space at the store for premium and specialty brands and health-oriented services? Or what about a collection of departments complete with products, services and gathering stations? Some of these departments might include a coffee bar, wine-tasting section, dinner party solutions and farmer’s market.

According to 2017 Top Trends in Fresh, 230 million individuals will be living with chronic illnesses by 2030, and it’s no surprise to hear, that healthcare premiums are also soaring. In response, consumers are focusing on self-care and holistic foods. Food is powerful and it’s proving its ability to prevent specific illnesses.

In the age of holistic health, retailers are well-positioned to help shoppers meet their health and wellness goals. Research from 2016 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends reports, 45 percent of shoppers say their grocery store is working to help them stay healthy. In-store resources and signage engage consumers to better understand their holistic health needs and support their shopping journey. I enjoy seeing tons of holistic health choices at my local supermarket and health benefits listed on many of the fresh food items. Shopping the aisles will never be the same as holistic health plays a bigger role in consumers’ shopping habits.photocredit.technofall


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